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Giovanni Fioretto holds degrees in Art and Scene Design from the Academy of Belle Arti in Naples, Italy. In the late eighties Giovanni collaborated with Scene Designer Mauro Carosi and Costume Designer Odette Nicoletti on Puccini's opera "Madam Butterfly". It was performed at the San Carlo theater in Naples under the direction of Mauro Bolognini.
He also worked on the stage adaptation of Gautier's screenplay "Le Capitaine Fracasse," directed by Ettore Scola.

From 1990 to 1996 he dedicated himself completely to his painting. In 1996 his first major project, "L'homme écorché," was presented at the Grenoble Institute of French Culture in Naples, Italy. In 1997 his project, "Ipostasi," was exhibited at the Trevi Flash Museum of Art as part of the Italian Exposition of contemporary arts. The exhibit included a model and a video demonstration. In 1998 he designed the costumes for the Lyric Opera production of Verdi's "Othello" for the Korean National Theater in Seoul.

In 2000, he returned to South Korea to design. His credits include both Scene and Costume Design for Rossini's "Mose" at the Opera house of Seoul; and Costume Design for Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor" at the Theater of Opera in Cheong-Ju, Korea.

In 2001 he partecipated in contemporary art exhibition "Arketipo" at castello estense, Ferrara.

In 2002 he won the "ERCOLE I° D'ESTE" award from the " 1° FERRARA BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART" and is invited to "MANIF 2002" with his personal show at Seoul Arts Center, Korea.
In the same year he became the finalist of the XX edition of the "Premio Firenze" and won " Commissione IL TORO anno MMII" .
In occasion of the `Opera Festival 2003 of Daegu' he signed for the set design of the Opera "Madama Butterfly" by G.Puccini at Daegu Opera House.

In 2004 in occasion of the First Edition of the SICAF "Seoul International Contemporary Art Fair" he is invited as italian artist to exhibit six works from the "Boundless Faces" project.
In Korea in the same year he partecipated in the second edition of Ansan Art Memory 2004 “The Doll of Ventriloquist”- Danwon Museum– Ansan , had the solo exhibition entitled “Boundless body ” - Insa Art Plaza Gallery and projected set design for Korean Contemporary Opera “The age of youth” – The Korean Traditonal Opera Concert- on tour in USA : San Francisco, New York and Los Angels .

In 2005 he partecipated in Exhibition “ARTE IN TRANSITO…ARTE IN SCENA” – Primo Piano LivinGallery – Lecce, Italy. And he returned to Korea where he exhibited at the third edition of Ansan Art Memory 2005 “ VENTUNO REBUS” and at the Galleryfifteen, Seoul he held a new solo exhibition with his ten recent works from “Boundless body” project.
Born in Naples. Actually he lives and works in Italy and in South Korea.



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